How to use foil razor effectively? – Ultimate Electric Shavers

Foil razor is among the most popular types of the razor with a thin layer of metal blades, ideally used for everyday shaving on mostly all kinds of skin, even sensitive ones. The foil razor is preferred for its precision and effectiveness, especially when dealing with beards and sideburns. But did you use your foil razor rightly? Below are ways to best work a foil razor.

How to shave by a foil razor

So the first and foremost step to raise a concern about is how to use the foil razor to shave the most effective and skin-friendly. There are a metal-based screen and many cutting blades in a foil razor, which moves backward and forward continually to completely eliminate all hairs and protect skin at the same time. However, it is necessary to use it in the right manner to ensure the best shaving.

All kinds of stuff you need is a foil razor, pre-shave lotion, and aftershave lotion. Your pre-shave lotion should be alcohol-based and include Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to best serve your foil razor. Whereas, the aftershave lotion should avoid fragrance.

In the beginning, you should wash your face with warm water and dry it with a clean towel. pour an appropriate amount of pre-shave lotion amount in your hand. How much is appropriate to shave using foil razor depends on your hair’s toughness and your skin’s sensitivity. Then, rub your hand together and apply the lotion on your skin in an upward-circular direction. Message gently. These will prepare the hairs for shaving.

Next, you should put the foil razor on the top left of your shaved-section. On the other hand, you should pull your skin toward the opposite direction of your planned shaving. It is the time to turn on your foil razor and slowly move it along with the form of your jawline, from the start to the endpoint of the shaved section. Remember to shave slowly and strongly enough with foil razor to make it best effective. Keep shaving other parts of such a section in the same direction until all hairs are cleaned. With foil razor, you should not do the second shaving because it may hurt your sensitive skin.

After having removed all the hairs, you should pour again with warm water and cold water respectively to close your pores. Lastly, apply the aftershave lotion on your skin to prevent razor burn and now look at the mirror and enjoy your glabrous handsome face.

How to clean a foil razor

As an electric razor, cleaning foil razor is a quite complicating issue that we should pay attention to. As its composition is a series of blades that can pick up all hairs at their root, which build up the razor, feed bacterial growth and reduce the productivity. Therefore, you should clean your foil razor rightly. One of the most effective methods is to use quick-drying isopropyl alcohol.

First, you should turn off and unplug the foil razor and remove all attachments of that razor. Then you should follow an instruction from the manufacturer of the razor to open the cover and get the cutting blades.

Use a brush, either an old toothbrush or a specialized razor-cleaning brush to sweep any hair from the blades. It is noted that you should do this at a sink so that all the hair would drop to the sink and no need to tidy again.

After that, you should pour isopropyl alcohol over the blades. Make sure the alcohol will not flow into the foil razor ’s inside but the sink. Then, dry the foil razor.

Next, you should clean all the attachments in water to remove the remaining hair. Pay attention to the cover, rub it gently by hand to avoid bending it. Then, you should pour the alcohol over the cover and attachment also and dry them.

Finally, you should use a razor lubricant to lubricate the moving parts of the foil razor. You had better clean any excess lubricant and then resemble the foil razor.

Above are steps to best shave by a foil razor and clean the razor to make it effective. Follow these to work your razor at the highest-level productivity and enjoy a dream result of shaving.