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4573 (UK shaver)

BS 4573 is almost similar to the Europlug, but if you take a close look, you will notice that these two types of plugs are a bit different. BS 4573 socket is designed to be compatible with only BS 4573 pins, thus not compatible with standard Europlugs. Refer table below to see the main difference between the standard Europlug and BS 4573 plug.

 BS 4573Europlug
Pins Diameter5.08 mm4 mm
Pins Length15.88 mm19mm
Pins Distance16.66 mm18.6 mm
Pins TypeParallelA bit converging at the tips
Sockets CompatibilityBS 4573 only (shavers and toothbrush)Types C, E, F, K, H, N, L, J and SN 441011
Rated Current0.2 A2.5 A

As you can see above, there are some differences in the shape and length of the pins. Europlug’s pins are longer, further apart and converged at the tips, while BS 4573’s pins are parallel to each other.

Detail Information on BS 4573 Plug and Socket

BS 4573 plug and socket was explicitly designed for electric shavers and electric toothbrushes that rated 0.2 A applies to all its accessories. The BS 4573 plug has two pins with a pin diameter of 5.08mm (0.2 in), 15.88 mm (0.625 in) long, and the distance between the pins is 16.66 mm (0.656 in). Both plug and socket for BS 4573 are restricted to 0.2 A applications.

BS 4573 plug is not compatible with standard Europlug sockets, so you need to use an adaptor for your BS 4573 plug.

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Shaver Socket-Outlet

Shaver supply units that satisfy BS EN 61558-2-5, which contain an isolation transformer and accommodate several two-pin plug types such as BS 4573, Europlug, and Australian, are increasingly common in the bathroom. The BS 4573 socket is only suited for usage in dry environments and is thus rarely utilized. A 115 V output is typically included in the isolation transformer, allowing two-pin US connectors to be used. As specified by BS EN 61558-2-5 standard, the current limit is between 20 VA and 50 VA.

BS 4573 Shaver Socket

An installation of a shaver-only socket without a built-in transformer should follow the guidelines of BS 4573 (Regulation 553.1.5(ii) refers). Detailed specifications for this type of shaver-only socket are as below:


  • Maximum of 0.2 A of continuous current rating,
  • Work with voltage ranges from 200V to 250 AC only.
  • The socket must be installed with a fuse (BS 646) to prevent the device from exceeding the 1A current.
  • This socket is prohibited from being used in a bathroom containing a bath area or shower.

BS EN 6155B-2-5 Shaver Socket

An installation of the shaver-only socket with a built-in transformer is categorized as a shaver supply unit. Usually, this type of socket will have two socket outlets according to the suitable voltage usage. BS EN 6155B-2-5 Shaver Socket (Regulation 701.512.3 refers) can be installed in the bathroom with a shower.


  • Maximum voltage 250 V AC
  • Volt-amperes must be in between 20 VA and 50 VA

A shaver supply unit’s transformer is an isolating transformer designed to protect against electric shock by “electrical isolation.” The transformer is a short-circuit-proof transformer (either inherently or non-inherently).

The rated voltage of 115 V and 230 V and the symbol displayed to the left is marked on the front of a shaver supply unit. A shaver supply unit provides at least IPX1 protection.