Best female electric razor

If, like myself, having a soft skin, free of hair and cuts is something that you try to maintain at least during summer…, you can want to consider buying an female electric razor. There are many reasons to purchase one of those, and I will explain you why.


If you think that you will need to spend lots of money on a female electric razor, think again. Unlike for the men’s one, the female electric razoris one affordable device. Going for $15 up to $40 for the high-end model, there are no excuse when it comes to its cost. Now many peopleĀ  would think that they would want to spend over $100 on the men’s one to get the cream of the crop. Well ladies, know that for your demands, it would be crazy to invest over $100 on an electric shaver. The reason female electric razorare so much cheaper is that the skin of the face is much more delicate than the skin of the leg, plug the face has so much contours and details, unlike a pretty pair of legs.


  1. Convenience

How often have you spend h time in the bathroom epilating every part of your body Then having to shave after because you missed some spots? How often have you decided not to shave when going on a trip, because you did not want to sit in the tub of the hotel? How often have you had to switch to a pair of pants instead of a skirt on because you did not have time to shower or bathe to shave your legs with a manual shaver, or to epilate your legs before going out? Well an electric shaver can do all of this easily. It provides a fast and fairly close shave, can be conveniently used in or out of the shower and can easily be packed in any suitcase.


  1. Smooth and painless

Say buy to the razor burns, razor bumps and ingrown hair. If you skin is sensitive, manual shaving can be the cause of painful razor burns. If you epilate a lot, you are ablle to be prone to lots of ingrown hair. Well electric shavers can fix all those problems.

  1. Best-Selling Top Rated Models For Females.

Electric shavers haveĀ  become a necessity for females rather than a luxury. Most of the electronic manufacturers now offer a wide variety of female electric razors.

Following are some best electric razors for women that can aid you to narrow down your options and help you with the shopping.


Panasonic ES2216PC

Check PricePanasonic ES2216PC is a phenomenal electric shaver which will give you a promising result. Its numerous features include:

  • It is waterproof. It can be used for dry/ wet shaving and can also be used in shower
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features the sharpest blades for close and safe shaving
  • Contains pop-up trimmer for longer and stray hairs
  • Made of Nickel-free Hypo-Allergenic blades and foil that could be used for sensitive skin
  • Bikini attachment is included
  • It lasts 20 minutes per charge and consists of a compact charger


Remington WDF-3600

Check PriceRemington WDF-3600 is one of the best electric razors for women you can ever lay your hands on. It is rechargeable and may be used for both wet and dry shaving. Its notable features are:

  • Smooth glide trimmer with nano silver which reduces irritation
  • Contains bikini trimmer head guard for trimming inside the bikini line
  • The blades are Hypo-Allergenic, suitable for sensitive skin

The bonus trimmer can be used for grooming and detailing eyebrows

Panasonic ES2207P

Check Price Panasonic is well-known for its high quality products and this ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade shaver is an attestation to that.

  • 3-Blade system cuts all the hair in a single pass
  • Offers dry/wet shaving, so it can be used in or after a shower
  • Floating-head shaving system conforms to the shape of your leg and other curves of your body, ensuring comfortable shaving
  • Made up of Nickel-free Hypo-Allergenic steel blades for sensitive skin
  • Can be fully immersed in water for quick and easy clean up

Butterfly Shaver Pro

Check Price Butterfly Shaver Pro (reviewed in detail HERE) can look like a toy for little girls, but it is an effective shaver for women that is considered the best in the current market.

The inclusion of five rotary cutters provide a unique, yet refreshing, shaving experience. In spite of the look, it is safe to use and it does not cause any injuries. It can be used for both dry and wet shaves, and for any parts of the body as well.


Cleaning and maintenance is not an issue for this little thing, as a simple rinse is enough to wash it thoroughly. With a 10,500 RPM motor, the Butterfly Shaver is considered a true pro at its job.

The 110-240 V charge is the reason why it is available internationally, and the overall flexibility this machine provides is unmatched by any other. All in all, this is a great shaver for women, and all respectable ladies should consider trying it out at least once.


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