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Electric razor ratings

Shaving is a personal thing and you have the freedom of choosing the device that you want to use. Electric razors are one of the best units to use as they come with a number of great features that help you in achieving smooth and close shaves

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To get maximum benefits you must invest in high quality units. Here are some of the electric razor ratingsthat you should think about:

Braun waterflex

This device is designed to be used with water, foam and gel. This means that you could  use it in the shower, bath, or on skin that you have just damped with a cloth.

The unit comes with a contour-adaptive swivel head that aids in reducing friction so that the shaver can glide easily on the skin.

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It also has optiblades that aid in maintaining balance of closeness and gentleness. The shaver is 100% waterproof up to a depth of five meters so you can dip it in water without any problems. To provide variety, the unit comes in a variety of finishes such as red, black, blue, and white.

Braun M60b

Braun M60b is said to be the smallest mobile electric shaver in the market because you can put it in your pocket and no one will notice it. Because of this, you can go with it anywhere and shave anytime.

The unit comes with a smart foilwhich has unique foil patterns that capture hair that grows in different directions. The wide floating foil allows you to shave in any direction you want and you can capture all the hairs.

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There is also a twist cap that protects the foil when closed. The cap also serves as a handle extension for a comfortable grip. The charger is usually rechargeable; however, there are others such as Braun Pocketgo Mbob that use of the batteries.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K

This is a rechargeable unit which comes with a multi-flexible active head that helps you to have a smooth shave. The unit also comes with a patented linear motor with matching speed. This feature aids in ensuring that the unit is very efficient when using it.

It also comes with a vortex cleaning system that allows you to achieve a perfect shaving.

Top electric razors rating for woman 

Do you really want to get rid of unwelcome hairs from your body? If so, you had better try to use an electric razor or electric shaver. This tool could be a great companion to any woman that need to remove unwelcome hairs from several parts of the body, such as legs, forearms, thighs, armpit, bikini area.

Each and every woman who prefers electric razor to eliminate unwanted hair on skin will agree with me that it could be a great experience to have smooth skin for weeks. Thanks to the improvement in technology, the newest electric razors come with amazing features to provide you with close, clean shave with no irritation bumps.

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Nowadays, you could quickly find a ladies electric razor, corded or cordless, that can be used for wet or dry shaving. Some people point out that using a wet electric shaver could be a great option for individuals with sensitive skin since the moisture can prevent, reddening,  burning or drying of the skin. Feel free to pick up one of the best electric shavers below according to your demands.

There are some suggestions :

Remington WDF 1600 rechargeable wet dry electric shaver

Body Contour Safescreens with 2 SafescreensTM

Remington WDF-5000 is a cordless electric shaver that works well for wet or dry shaving.

Top electric razors rating for man :

Blade Type – Top razor brands use stainless steel blades for premium sharpness and hygienic purposes . Though each one is machined differently to match the desired face type.

Razor Head – Adjustability is critical on a safety razor. Search for a device that locks the blade in place firmly and gives it enough room. Also make sure it could be angled across the face for precision shaving. Most cartridge razors bear the typical pivotal head, which is really all that necessary for basic shaves.

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Maintenance – Cartridge razors have a trivial cleanup process that consists of swapping out and quick rinses blades every few shaves, where as straight razors require more care by cleaning the razor lock system to preserve shelf life.

Length and Weight – Long or short handle, it is more a preference of what feels best in hand. You cannot go wrong with a smaller grip as it becomes easier to balance. Something with minor heft is ideal too,  you’ll want the weight of the razor to do the shaving for you without applying extra pressure towards the face.

Special Features – Very rarely will you stumble upon razors with distinguished hallmarks, but it is worth nothing any cartridge razor with lubrication strips work best to provide smoother strokes and soother skin.


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